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Homemade Almond Milk

Every weekend, I would prepare this homemade almond milk and ready to use for the next 5 days of working week. When I make my own almond milk, so, I know what I want to put on my almond milk. This almond milk turn out thick flavor and delicious creamy nutty milk.

Photographed Homemade Almond Milk by Pitsuda's Kitchen

Why I said it is really easy to prepare almond milk? It's because I used blender and it will only take just 5 minutes to get homemade almond milk. This almond milk can substitute with many ingredients such as: Hot Matcha Tea using Almond Latte or using almond milk with protein shake mix or smoothie.

What tools you will need to make almond milk?

  • A Blender

  • A Strainer with thin sheet cloth

  • A large mixing bowl

  • Airtight containers

Menu Ingredients Will Get for 16 oz. Jar

Almond Milk Ingredients

  • 1 cups of Roasted Almond

  • 4 cups of Hot Water

  • 1 teaspoon of Vanilla Extract

  • 4 tablespoons of Maple Syrup (Optional)

Almond Milk Preparation

  1. Pour 1 cup of almond into a blender and let it soak with hot water for 1 hour.

  2. After soak for one hour then added vanilla extract and maple syrup.

  3. Blend for at least a minute or two until all almond blend together and the water will turn to white and creamy color from the almond.

  4. Put a strainer with a thin sheet cloth and place over the large mixing bowl.

  5. Pour the almond milk over the strainer, wrap up the sheet cloth and squeezed out all the juice out.

  6. Transfer the almond milk to airtight containers and store in refrigerator will last for 3 to 5 days.

However, if you want to make more at one time and last for a week then you will do the same processes unless you have a very large blender and you can double the ingredients and make it at once.

I put maple syrup as optional because if you love sweet flavor you can add on for some sweet flavor. I personally don't added any sweet to my homemade almond milk because when I am using almond milk I will boil it with other hot teas or drinking just hot almond milk then I will add some maple syrup or honey for sweet taste.


Benefits of Almond Milk


Almond milk is a plant milk, and it is thus entirely rid of lactose. This beverage offers a close taste of milk to anyone that can't experience it without consequences. The only type of people that almond milk can't help is those with nut allergies. Otherwise, it is an excellent choice for milk replacement. Almond milk is also recommended to those with high blood sugar, as it usually improves their condition overall.

Bone Enhancement

Just like cow milk, almond milk contains a good portion of calcium. This vitamin is necessary if one means to keep their bones hard and healthy. It contains only 2% calcium, unlike cow milk, which has way more. However, the 2% is more than enough for a healthy bone boost every day. Those suffering from bone-related conditions can always rely on almond milk and its favorable effect. Also, athletes with various injuries can drink almond milk on a daily basis to help their bones heal faster. After almond milk treatment, the bones will be both healthy and stronger than before.


Whenever we inhale oxygen, our bloodstream gains free radicals. They are the opposite of antioxidants in our bodies, and they cause premature aging. And not only that, free radicals enhanced overall cell extinction. This means that someone with lots of free radicals and too little antioxidants is at risk of cancer. Almond milk represents a great source of antioxidants. As such, it can quickly bring the body back into radical balance. Those that have too many antioxidants in their bodies will feel a change in less than a week.

Boost Cardiovascular System

Since there's no cholesterol in almond milk, unlike most other plant milk, those with heart problems can enjoy it. High cholesterol is very bad for the overall function of the body. Those with high cholesterol usually enjoy fast food and other unhealthy ingredients. Individuals with increased body weight and cholesterol are at a much greater risk of stroke. Numerous heart diseases can be made less severe or sufficiently remedied with this milk. Even though there is no cholesterol in it, the beverage provides many benefits.

Muscle Building

Unlike steroids, almond milk will contribute to natural muscle growth in combination with training. Of course, the training is necessary because no results come without an effort. However, with this milk, the consumer needs to pay way less for almost the same amount of proteins. Almond contains 1.5 grams of protein per cup and 2% of iron. Again, larger doses of these bodily essentials can be found in cow milk. Then again, almond milk retains its awesome market status due to its usefulness to people with various conditions. For example, Bodybuilders that are lactose intolerant use almond milk every single day.

Boost Digestion

The digestive system helps us drain nutrients and proteins from anything we ingest, and it is one of the main bodily systems. As such, it constantly interacts with various kinds of modern fast food that never prove to be healthy. All of these toxic groceries do damage to our digestive tract, and it gets fixed with fibers. Fibers are essential for keeping a healthy stomach, and almond milk happen to be full of them. Those that regularly drink it will experience fewer stomach aches and diarrhea.

Vision Improvement

Every part of the human body benefits from a specific vitamin, and the same goes for the eyes. The human eye is one of the most sensitive areas of the body. As such, it can suffer damage from nearly anything. Bright lights, any screen, sunlight, dust, filth, and wind can cause various eye impairments. The vitamin that we use to improve the focus of our eyes and their health is vitamin A. Almond milk contains a steady amount of this vitamin, and it's sometimes associated with visual prowess.


Unlike cow milk, almond milk does not need a cold temperature to persist in quality. It maintains its nutrients in various temperatures, which mean children can always rely on it. Those that have a cold or the flu are not supposed to drink cold beverages as well. Cow milk needs to warm up by waiting for a while after it leaves the refrigerator. However, almond milk can be kept and drank instantly anywhere. The reason for this impressive fact is that, unlike cow milk, almond is much less prone to bacteria. When milk remains at a non-favorable temperature for some time, the bacteria inhibit and spoil it. Almond milk, however, contains its acids and other chemicals that naturally kill the same bacteria.

Low-Calories Count

Anyone trying to lose weight should switch away from cows milk. They will notice a considerable increase in weight loss results after a certain time. Almond milk contains about 40 calories per glass, while milk provides 122 in the same amount of liquid. The clear calculation is reason enough to switch from cow milk to almond in this situation. Also, soy milk is no better either. Sweetened almond milk, for example, contains 59 calories per glass. Soy milk, on the other hand, has 127.


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