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Simple Cream Cheese Sandwiches

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

These sandwiches are easy to prepare and they taste perfect for a few guest meeting or afternoon snack for tea time, or even for a picnic.

There are only few ingredients you will need. Cream cheese is the main ingredients for this menu, and then whatever fruits or veggies you preferred to mix with the cream cheese. However, if I use fruits, I will cut sliced and place line up over the mixed cream cheese. If I use veggies, I will boil them first then dry them up with paper towel then cut small pieces and mixed well with the cream cheese. Pinch of ground pepper if you prefer some a little bit spicy flavor. I use whole wheat bread sliced to let me kids get more nutrients from the whole wheat flour. Hidden some nutrients into the food without let them know seem helping a lot.


Menu Ingredients Make for 12 Sandwiches

Cream Cheese Spread Ingredients

  • 8 oz. of Organic Cream Cheese, soften at room temperature

  • 1 clove of Fresh Garlic, grated (optional)

  • Any fruits you prefer; strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, etc.

  • 1/4 cup of Carrot, boiled and cut small pieces

  • Hand full of Parsley, diced

  • Pinch of Ground Black Pepper to taste

Cream cheese usually had salty flavor already. So, I'm not add more salt but if you prefer more salty, you can add on to taste you like. Cooking at home is all about your favorite taste. There is not right or wrong when you are cooking in the kitchen. You are a head chef at home. ^_^

*I using Whole Wheat Bread sliced for these sandwiches. However, you can you other breads if you prefer.

Cream Cheese Spread Preparation

  1. Beating cream cheese in a small mixing bowl with a folk or spoon until smooth.

  2. Add garlic, fruits or veggies, and chopped parsley. Then everything until all corporate.

  3. Spread the cream cheese mixed over the bread then cover with other slice of bread on top.

  4. Ready to serve for snack time, or picnic meal


Very simple and easy to prepare in justify 5 minutes. These sandwiches can go with you anywhere for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I hope this recipe inspire you!


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