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Khanom Ruam Mit

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

This menu called "Khanom Ruam Mit" in Thai or it is Seasonal Fruity with Sweet Coconut Sauce. It's usually serving with a scoop of crushed ice on top of this dessert. Since cantaloupe, mangoes, and coconut meat are in season, I am using this fruits for this dessert this time.

Homemade Khanom Ruam Mit by Pitsuda's Kitchen

Some of my YouTube viewer asking where I get the coconut meat. So, I found it at Whole Food Market which I bought fresh whole coconut water and after I drank the coconut water, I kept the entire coconut in the refrigerator or freezer when I need to take out the coconut meat, I just used a big knife cut halve of the coconut and then I use a shredder tool to shred the coconut meat. You can view on my YouTube channel how I shredded the coconut meat at a link below or click here.

This dessert menu is 10 minutes preparation and serving on the table fresh with fruits and cool down the summer heat with crushed ice. Nothing else I could ask for these days, enjoy summer!

Menu Ingredients Serving for 4

Khanom Ruam Mit Ingredients

Khanom Ruam Mit Ingredients

  • 1 Cantaloupe, cut small cubes

  • 2 Mangoes, cut small cubes

  • 1 Coconut Meat, shredded

  • 4 tablespoons of Palm Sugar

  • 1 can of 16 oz. Coconut Milk

  • 1 teaspoon of Salt

  • Crushed Ice for garnish before serve

Khanom Ruam Mit Preparation

  1. Cut a cantaloupe and mangoes into a small bite cubes and set a side

  2. Shredded coconut meat into a small bite pieces until all shredded and set a side.

  3. In a small pot, turned on stove with medium heat then added coconut milk, palm sugar, and salt. Stirred well until everything corporate. After it done turn off stove and let it cool down for about 5 minutes.

  4. Put cantaloupe and mangoes cubes into dessert serving bowl then poured sweet coconut sauce over the fruits then topping with shredded coconut meat.

  5. Added a spoonful of crushed ice over the dessert before serve.

This dessert menu can be served for brunch, afternoon tea time, or at dinner dessert time. Also, can be serving with Thai Ice Tea or Thai Black Tea. Heavenly tea time!

Visit my YouTube Channel at Pitsuda's Kitchen


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