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3 Ways Of Using Lemon Juice And Health Benefits

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

I have been drinking lemon water since I pregnant my first baby. I usually did not like to drink or eat anything that taste sour. However, for my first pregnancy, I craved sour food, fruits, and drink. So, I squeeze some lemon juice into my warm water cup and drink in the morning and that made mine morning sickness gone during my first trimester of pregnancy as well. I see some benefits of lemon water and I continue drink it every morning until now.

Lemon Photographed by Pitsuda's Kitchen

Lemon is a natural energizer, it hydrates and oxygenates the body so it feels revitalized and refreshed. Also, drinking warm lemon water in the morning is natural way helping loose weight, helps brighten skin tone, and detox liver. Preparation is really simple and easy in just a minute.

Homemade Warm Lemon Water by Pitsuda's Kitchen

1.) Warm Lemon Water Ingredients Serves As Individual Serving

Warm Lemon Water Ingredients

  • 1 cup of Warm Water

  • 1/2 cut Lemon, fresh squeezed lemon juice

Warm Lemon Water Preparation

Poured warm water into a serving mug when squeezed lemon juice over the warm water then mix well and ta-da!, it's ready to drink.


What are health benefits of lemon water?

  • Hydrates the Lymphatic System

  • Aids in Digestion

  • Boosts Collagen Production

  • Balances pH Level

  • Alkalizes Your Body

  • Acts as a Natural Diuretic

  • Helps Weight Loss

1. Hydrates the lymphatic system

This in important for those suffering with adult acne, as the lymph helps clear toxins from the skin and hydrates the skin from the inside-out.

2. Aids in digestion

Lemon water help to regulate bowel movements and improve digestion. Those who are constipated could see benefits in drinking lemon water everyday. Well, this is the reason why I drink lemon water every morning during pregnancy because of help regulate bowel movement. I have no problem with constipation during pregnancy and this was most pregnancy women complain. It help a lot, I think.

3. Boosts collagen production

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for collagen production, great for wrinkles and firmer skin. Aids in wound healing which helps heal scarring and stretch marks

4. Balance pH level

Highly acidic foods such as canned and processed foods, white bread, rice and pasta, dairy foods, alcohol, coffee or soft drink and bottled water; can cause dull skin, inflammation, recurring infections and dry skin. Drinking lemon water helps flush toxins and re-balance the body’s pH levels.

5. Alkalizes your body

You might have question how lemon juice can help alkalized body. Lemon juice when it out side is very acidic but when we drink and it goes through the digest system it becomes alkalized that help improve your immune system and liver function.

6. Acts as a natural diuretic

This helps eliminate excess fluid from the puffy skin and aids with reduction of cellulite.

7. Helps weight loss

Lemon juice promotes digestion and increases the metabolic rate. For people looking to use lemon for its weight loss abilities. I suggest to drink warm water with lemon juice on an empty stomach every morning. This is what I usually drink right when I woke up in the morning before I start breakfast at least 15 minutes. I also drink this lemon water for my postpartum and help me back in sharp as well.


Homemade Ginger Lemon Tea by Pitsuda's Kitchen

When I have morning sickness and this lemon tea always helps a lot which lemon juice helps detox my immune system and ginger helps with my nausea during my first trimester of pregnancy.

2.) Ginger Lemon Tea Ingredients Serving for 4

Ginger Lemon Tea Ingredients

  • 4 and 1/2 cups of Filtered Water

  • 1/2 of Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice

  • 2 slices of Fresh Ginger

  • Dipping of Honey (optional)

Ginger Lemon Tea Preparation

  1. In a medium size pot, add water, lemon juice and ginger into the pot and let it boil for 5 – 10 minutes (or as your desire taste due to ginger will taste stronger when you let it boil longer)

  2. Pour tea into a tea pot to keep it warm and I have tea ready to drink all day.


Homemade Ice Lemonade by Pitsuda's Kitchen

Refreshing and hydrate yourself with ice lemonade! Made at home lemonade can store in refrigerator for 2 to 3 days. My homemade lemonade usually gone really quick for a day or two the bottle will be empty. This drink can also prepare for gathering with small group of guesses. Preparation is really easy and it isn't require to use stove. So, it can prepare on the go for picnic or camping, I only bring some lemon, water, and honey with me

3.) Lemonade Ingredients Serving for 6

Lemonade Ingredients

  • 1 cup of Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice

  • 2 cups of Simply Syrup

  • 3 cups of Cold Water

  • Ice cubes (optional if you prefer cold drink, added before serving)

  • 4 slices of Lemon sliced to garnish the lemonade on serving glasses (optional)

  • Mint Leaves for garnish before serving (optional)

Simply Syrup Preparation

  • 1 cup of Water + 1 cup of Granulate Sugar

In a medium pot, added water and sugar and bringing to bubble at medium heat. Stirred well until all sugar dissolves then turn off the stove and let it cool for about 5 minutes before use the syrup.

Lemonade Preparation

  1. Squeezed lemon juice into a medium size bowl for 1 cup. Then poured into a serving cup

  2. Added syrup and mixed well.

  3. Added cold water about 1/2 cup then stirred well then added the left of water and quick stir until all mixed.

  4. Added lemon slice, ice cubes, and mint leaves for garnish before serving.


"I hope you enjoy some ideas of using lemon juice and I hope you be well."


Lemon lover 🍋 | Photographed by Pitsuda's Kitchen


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